About us

Who we are

We are the number one sporting publication that is focused on working directly with, and for students. Despite only being a relatively young organisation, we are rapidly growing, and so far have exceeded all our goals in terms of followers.

Students both write and edit our articles, and help to run various facets of the website and social media following.

What we do

There are other online student publications out there, but none of them take the same focus on sporting news as we do – particularly with regards to Boxing and Football.

Whilst are writers are all volunteers, we recognise their dedication in combining their studies with writing interesting and engaging articles by offering them a number of rewards and exclusive invites to a variety of sporting and non-sporting events.

We also have regular meet ups with all of the student team, enabling our writers to make good contacts and meet other people with similar interests.

What the future holds

We want to keep growing and expanding our student team and readership month after month – making sure as many students as possible know that there is somewhere to get up to date sporting news and tips, and where they can contribute as well.

We want to continue to provide engaging content and find more ways in which we can make our site more fun and accessible for all students to get involved with, and to be part of our community.

How you can get involved

You can get in touch with us at [email protected], telling us why you want to get involved and what topics you want to contribute on.

Alternatively, reach out to us on any of our Social Media Channels!