James DeGale will look back on his career fondly. He was the first British boxer to win an Olympic gold medal and a professional world title.

DeGale was well respected and had a superb career that most would be proud of. DeGale’s last bout, however, was a unanimous loss to Eubank Jr. It was a loss which showcased the frailties that indicated that he had passed his prime. Indeed, it was the right time to call an end to his career.

His Olympic Gold gave an inkling that he would go on to achieve the success that he has. Victory at the Beijing games in 2008 came about as a result of beating Emilio Correa 16-14 on points. This gave James Degale the platform to start his professional career, back in early 2009.

DeGale made his professional debut in Birmingham on February 28, 2009, against Georgian fighter Vepkhia Tchilaia. Exactly ten years to the day he is now retiring, although in that time his career was filled with many highs: recording 25 wins and only 3 defeats and 1 draw.

The best moments of his professional career came with his win over Andre Dirrell to claim the vacant IBF world super-middleweight title. Followed by back to back defences against Lucian Bute and Rogelio Medina in 2016.

James Degale reflects on his time as “an unbelievable journey and I’ve┬áhad an amazing decade – if I’m honest,the best years of my life….I’ve collected many memoiries along the way.”


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