Mesut is a very important player with vast experience, it’s evident we need him as we’re lacking creativity. I understand Emery leaves him out of some away games and he does go missing and can be very ineffective, but on the whole we’re a better team with him.

Remember the Leicester game at home this year, how good he was, this is what he can do. he’s never been able to replicate form on a consistent basis, however, one glimpse of class could be what we need to score a goal.

On 350K a week, we won’t be able to sell him on too, especially as he’s 30 years old. The fans need and deserve clarity over his situation as he’s missed way too many games than he should. You never see this happen to De Bruyne, Salah etc so why is Mesut different?

He’s a joy to watch, and other players feed off of his ability, but there’s so many flip flop fans in our fan base calling for either his, or Unai Emery’s head. These same people were absolutely loving Unai in September-December when we went on a long unbeaten run. Injuries to Welbeck, Holding, Mkhi, Bellerin and obviously the Ozil situation has left us in the predicament we are in now.

If Emery wants to play Ozil, he needs to play him in his favoured position. The number 10 role really suits Mesut and if Aubameyang and Lacazette play together, it would be a good trio. We need to see if he could possibly play alongside Denis Suarez, too. Personally, I’d like to see Ozil back in the team.

Ozil can help the team push on

Yes, on occasions we look better without him, but on the whole, if we want to push for a CL spot or win the Europa League, we really need Ozil back and playing. Raul Sanelli isn’t the biggest fan of Ozil and it’s claimed that’s he’s the main driving force in trying to make ozil leave the club. Ozil’s quality is evident, but please, support him until he leaves or don’t support the team at all.

Furthermore, can fans stop calling out players like Iwobi and Maitland-Niles on social media. It only makes the fans look embarrassing and it’s really not needed. This is a minority but the players know when they don’t play well.

Support Arsenal football club, we need to stick together in good and bad times. This is what the club is all about.


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