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Manchester United win again in a 2-0 victory against Newcastle United. The Red Devils have been on a winning streak since the sacking of José Mourinho.

Solskjær has now become the second manager at Manchester United to win his fourth league game as manager, as Sir Matt Busby did in 1946.

25-year-old Romelu Lukaku who was subbed on the 63rd minute scored the first goal for Manchester United. Lukaku scored within 38 seconds of making his appearance on the pitch at St James’ Park.

Romelu Lukaku scoring 1-0 against Newcastle United.

Can Sanchez reach his former heights?

Alexis Sanchez was on the bench since recovering from his hamstring injury in November 2018 but was subbed on with Romelu Lukaku replacing Juan Mata and Antony Martial.

Solskjær is confident that the style of attacking football his team have been playing over the last few games will suit the former Arsenal striker. “I think he’s a player that would benefit from the interchanging, the rotation, the movement … He’ll be an asset for us.” Stated Solskjær.

The 30-year-old Chile striker assisted Marcus Rashford in securing a 2-0 win against Newcastle. Solskjær commented that Rashford has “the Cristiano hit” and was proud of his performance.

“We made a mistake for the first goal and then conceded on the counter-attack which happens when you play good players. They punish you.” Said Rafael Benitez after the defeat.

Marcus Rashford scoring the second goal for United with a Sanchez assist.

Current caretaker manager Ole Solskjær has allowed the squad to play freely, stating “It’s about the players being proud of their performance and the fans being proud of their team. We’ll just get the players enjoying football, and I’m looking forward to seeing the supporters again.”.

Sir Alex back in the picture?

The former Red Devils striker has also had the helping hand of Sir Alex Ferguson who managed the club for 26 years. Sir Alex was also involved during the training for the Bournemouth match as well as preparing the players for the Newcastle game against his former rival Rafael Benítez.

Solskjær has given his players the ability to play with freedom, style, and determination. When we watch United on our screens it’s no longer watching constant defense but rather attacking football, as we would if the starting eleven consisted of the likes of Nani, Ronaldo, Vidic or Ferdinand. Solskjær has flawlessly put the fight back into Manchester United.

“Sir Alex Ferguson enjoyed his time at the training ground, we had a few nice chats and he encouraged us. He knows the staff I’ve got are Manchester United through and through. He knows we’re going to do whatever we can, up to the last second we’re here, for Manchester United, as best we can.” Said Solskjær.

Solskjær further stated that he keeps Sir Alex informed of what’s going on within the team. The 45-year-old Norwegian has successfully provided 14 goals in his first four matches since being appointed caretaker manager scoring:

5-1 against Cardiff City.

3-1 against Huddersfield

4-1 against A.F.C. Bournemouth

2-0 against Newcastle United

All smiles at Old Trafford as Sir Alex watched Manchester United win 4-1 againts A.F.C. Bournemouth.

Pundits and former footballers have commented on the recent transformation of United. “Nobody wants to be coming here anymore. He’s let them off the leash,” said Jamie Redknapp on Sky Sports News after the Bournemouth match.

Solskjær has the backing of the players

Players such as Jesse Lingard have also said that Solskjær has ensured a bright new year for Manchester United. The 25-year-old English midfielder commented on Solskjær bringing back Pogba’s spark “I can definitely, definitely, see the Paul I used to know,”.

Paul Pogba celebrating against A.F.C. Bournemouth. Pogba has scored 4 goals since the sacking of Joseé Mourinho.

Manchester United are set to face Tottenham Hotspur in the upcoming weeks and what a showdown it will be. United fans are hoping to gain a win after painfully losing 0-3 at Old Trafford in their last match against them. The match will be held in Wembley Stadium on Sunday 13th January 2019.


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