Tottenham Hotspur win 2-0 in a entertaining showdown against rivals Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, to qualify for the Carabao Cup semi finals.

Arsenal lost confidence when Spurs striker Son Heung-Min scored a effortless goal with an assist from Dele Alli. Alli secured the win for the north Londoners by scoring in the fifty-ninth minute. 


Mesut Özil was yet again missed out from the starting eleven which concerned many Arsenal fans. Emery has commented on leaving the 30-year-old German out for “tactical reasons” and was replaced by players such as 19-year-old Joseph Willock.

The pressure was therefore on for Ramsey & Mkhitaryan who both struggled during the match. Mkhitaryan missed a wonderful assist from Ramsey who set up a clear goal, and was subsequently replaced at half-time.

Arsenal fans were understandably angered by the defeat but expressed their anger by throwing a plastic bottle at Dele Alli’s head who responded casually with a 2-0 hand symbol. Pundits commented that people showing aggression as such should be banned from football matches. 


Spurs now join Manchester City, Burton Albion and Chelsea in the semi finals. Current premier league champions Manchester City are set to face Burton Albion.

Spurs are set to face Chelsea yet again, another London showdown. Jamie Redknapp commented on Spurs winning a league cup quarter final as “being close to something special”.


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