Having a cheaper striker in your team is almost a necessity as we see the premium midfielders taking up our budget.

It can be a tricky decision to make and can just depend on which striker scored last gameweek. To help make a more informed decision, let’s have a look at the stats for the top 10 scoring strikers so far with a value of 7m or less.

Wilson v King

For those looking to capitalise on an attacking Bournemouth side it shows that Wilson has both more expected goals and expected assists.

Wilson comes second in the xG category but is massively underperforming. He tops the striker xA and assists category which is helped by having King and Fraser making some good attacking runs. He comes top in combined xG & xA. Also, he looks like a great option thanks to a run of decent enough run of fixtures over the next 5.

Deeney v Gray

Although Gray has more goals so far this season, he is behind on expected goals. Looking at the assist side of things, Gray doesn’t look like he offers much in this area. Deeney looks like the one to go for, if you want a Watford striker.


They have a run of fixtures which could see them score regularly and that makes Deeney look an attractive option.


He is currently the lowest scoring striker in the table. He already has scored double the amount of expected goals and doubled his expected assists. Although good players outperform the xG and xA, he already sits at bottom of the table and surely he cant continue to outperform at this level never mind increase his performance to haul him up the ranks.


He is currently the second lowest scoring player in the table. He has underperformed his xG and looks like he could pick up in the weeks to come with the 3rd highest xG. Add to this that he missed a week due to being ineligible against parent club Liverpool and his stats become all the more impressive. A mixed run of fixtures over the next 5 including Chelsea and Manchester City makes him less attractive.


He sits 5th in the rankings and has the 4th highest xG & xA combined. He is currently the cheapest of the options and if budget is tight that could make all the difference. Wolves don’t have the nicest run of fixtures as they are playing some of the top challengers in the premier leagues best of the rest table before games against Spurs and Arsenal.


He is currently the second lowest owned out of the strikers (after Gray) and that could mean a great differential if the stats rack up. He is massively outperforming his xG and he doesn’t look to offer anything in the way of assists.


His combined xG and xA is the 3rd lowest in the table. They have the best run of fixtures over the next 5 games. It’s a more risky option but if it pays off there could be a big rise in rankings as a reward.


His stats don’t necessarily jump out in comparison to some of the others however he has missed 1 week due to injury. West Ham started with a poor run of form and for Arnautovic to be the second highest scorer in the table is really impressive. They have a great run of fixtures over the next 5 with the exception of Spurs. He looks like a real option right now.


The highest scorer so far in the table and the highest xG. He doesn’t offer much in the assist department but who needs that when he scores so many? Fulham have a mixed run of form over the next 5 games however they include Cardiff and Huddersfield who have very leaky defences right now.



Ings looks the best option if you are strapped for cash. Arnautovic and Mitrovic is close but due to West Hams form picking up, I would edge towards Arnautovic.


Wilson looks like a fantastic option if Bournemouth can keep their form up. Murray could offer a fantastic differential but with the potential to backfire.


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