Roberto Firmino insists Liverpool are “dreaming big” under Jurgen Klopp as they look to turn their good start to the season to silverware.

In a recent interview Firmino said: “we’ve been doing well, we made a good start under him and we’re dreaming big. We want to keep working hard and win trophies.”

“We’ve only been working together for three years, but it seems like it’s been longer.”

“I’m very happy under him and think he’s an incredible coach. I’ve learnt so much from him and that doesn’t only apply to me, but to the whole team. I think he’s excellent.”

“I’ve been learning a lot from Klopp ever since he came in. He’s brought everything together and got that across to the team. We’re doing that well now.”

Firmino also admitted that he used to be “very shy” off the pitch, however, is getting better every day.

“ I used to be very shy, much more so than I am now. It’s great that I’ve improved in that regard. Every day I’m getting better and less embarrassed.”

”I’m gradually coming out of my shell. I’ve always been shy, it’s just that I transform on the pitch. I’m a different person. Off the pitch I’m another person. That’s how it has to be.”

In his final statement Firmino stated: “The club is always aiming to win trophies and competitions. We’ve made a very good start, but we have to stay grounded, because the season has only just started.”

”We’re taking it step by step, trying to play well and win games. We’re just looking ahead and will see where that takes us.”

You can watch Roberto Firmino in action when Liverpool take on Manchester City in a heavyweight contest at Anfield on Super Sunday.

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