Is it true? The Pochettino of two faces!

Any Spurs fan at the moment won’t have many a bad word said against their knightly manager Mauricio. Even if they did would they dare to rock the boat?  I mean why would they when everything appears rosy.

However, just because it looks rosy from the outside doesn’t mean it’s all happy families on the inside. Don’t forget the man in question is Argentinan, after all.

Let’s take a look, recent reports of flares in the ranks from the likes of Toby “to be or not to be” Alderweireld, Danny “not rosy” Rose, Kyle “will he walk” Walker and finally Moussa “no mouse” Dembélé.

Now we can add to that list with ex Spurs star Younes “cabal” Kaboul as he speaks candidly about his short-lived time under new man Pochettino.

He tells all in this exclusive interview:

Kaboul states: “The one where things didn’t go well was Pochettino. On the field, nothing to say, very good manager, with a philosophy and a style of play that works.

“Personally, it’s the opposite. He’s two-faced. He would say things to you and did the complete opposite behind your back. I didn’t like that, and I told him. That’s all.”

Spurs fans may recall that this isn’t the first time Younes Kaboul has hit out at Mauricio Pochettino, having also bitched about him back in 2016.

Kaboul recently told the Daily Mail: “The end was not OK. The manager disrespected me 100 per cent.

“When Mauricio first came we had a very nice, human, man-to-man kind of respect. And then something happened and I don’t know what it was

“I got injured and then he didn’t talk to me anymore. Then he was not putting me in the squad for no reason. One game, two games, three games, and that was strange for me because I am supposed to be his captain.

“I’m not saying because I’m his captain I need to play, no, no, no. If I am not good enough to play I am not playing. But you have to respect players, to talk to them and explain why they’re not playing


“After a few games I went to see him, to ask what was happening. I needed to understand because clearly he wasn’t talking to me. But he said: ‘There’s nothing, I’ve got nothing to say to you’.

“I asked him to put himself in my position. He was a captain at good clubs like Paris Saint-Germain where his manager was Luis Fernandez, a very good manager. I said: ‘How would you feel if he dropped you with no reasons’. And he said: ‘It was different’.

“After that I shook his hand and we stopped talking to each other. That was the end.

“I’m still waiting to find out why. It’s behind me now. I keep some very good memories and I have a lot of respect for Tottenham but I played against them last year with Sunderland and I’m going to play against them with Watford. I play to win. That’s my mentality.”

At the end of the day the manager has some tough decisions to make, not friends. The majority of players respect Pochettino and it shows in his results.

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