Girona and Barcelona are working on the possibility of playing the first La Liga game in the United States of America

This follows a deal made by the Spanish top-flight to host fixtures on the continent. Girona v Barcelona, in Miami, could be the first such fixture. It could even take place in another state.

Girona have apparently accepted the proposal put forward by the La Liga chiefs. This is because they see it as an excellent opportunity to build their brand in world football.

The club, who are now looking to solidify their position in the Spanish top-flight, believe it to be a “great opportunity for growth”, not just for “the club itself but for the city and region”, according to AS.

However, there are still many issues to iron out. At the very least, getting fans to travel and watch their side play in America will require some logistical leg-work.

It must be remembered that it will be a competitive fixture and not a one-off international exhibition. Girona are also keen to see a number of their season ticket holders make the journey to support their side.

It is understood the club and La Liga chiefs are working together to find a way to compensate those with season tickets. This follows the confirmation that a majority of them are in favour of the new initiative. There are suggestions that the fans will receive free flights to and from Spain, again subject to official confirmation.

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