A report has recently been published by The Daily Mail discussing the cost of players in terms of “today’s money” within the Premier League.

Football transfers have become something of a joke recently, with the amount of money being splashed on players. Those figures are set to continue to rise as Premier League teams want to bring the best players to their clubs in order to win trophies and boost their commercial performance

A surprise name sits atop of the list, according to a report that has been published which applies the rate of inflation has to their transfer values.

Andriy Shevchenko tops the list at a whopping £144.4million in today’s money. Alan Shearer comes in second place with a transfer fee of £125.1m.

The Ukrainian, who now manages his national team, cost Chelsea £29.4m in 2006. The  former England international, on the other hand, cost Newcastle United a then-world record fee of £15m in 1996.

Rio Ferdinand comes in as the third most expensive inflation-adjusted Premier League  player, with an increase from £29m to £121.7m.

Manchester United, in fact, have the next two players on the list as well. Paul Pogba and Juan Sebastian Veron come in with valuations of £117.7m and £115.9m respectively.

Didier Drogba is slightly lower than Veron, who both played together at Chelsea once upon a time, at £115.7m. Fernando Torres’ ill-fated move to Stamford Bridge also places him on the list at £115.5m. Michael Essien then rounds out the list for Chelsea.

Roy Keane and Wayne Rooney both complete the top ten at £111.2m and £103.6m respectively.

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