Record-breaking Spurs with a busy Transfer Window


Yes yes yes! Spurs signed 0 (zero) new players this transfer window.  Amongst all the action, Spurs are having none of it.

It’s certainly a turn up for the books if you know what I mean. With sales outweighing signatures in this summer break, our Mr Levi stays true to his heart. However, it seems Levi has some heart for the Hart of the lane. Well, at least he hasn’t gotten rid of any of our top stars so far…

With the European market still single, free and on the pull for signatures, English clubs are still fair game to Europe’s top predators! At least until hunting season is over for Europe at the end of August.

So all I’m saying is don’t count your chickens at least until a week or two after they hatch. It’s highly unlikely any of Pochettino’s top lads will exit, most being on recently renewed contracts, and the rest still in talks. For a Spurs fan, it’s strangely optimistic.

But it’s OK now, we remain optimistic, it’s only natural. The recent years have shown us there is plenty of reason to believe.

What does Poch think of all this?

Pochettino’s spoken out, and taken a healthy view as always.  In an interview he had this to say:

“We have a very good squad, with very good players and it is very difficult to add players to that.

“We didn’t sell players and with 25 players in the squad it is difficult to add players. It’s not about adding because it’s fashionable to sign players. It’s about if you really need them.

“I am not worried. I am not sad, I am so happy. To keep our best players was our objective and goal and we have achieved that – at the moment, we will see what happens in the next 20 days in Europe.
“The most important thing is to make sure you do not lose your best players and I think that was a great job from the club to keep the best players and the manager.”
Any Spurs fan knows the struggle between manager and the board. So for another window, it does look like Pochettino’s played it well.
Sam Ward for SportsGrape.com
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