A journalists role is to report and present fact but also to offer opinions where they feel is necessary – for this situation this is not the case. It’s a typical media point of view clinging onto every last readership they can.

In every tournament that the English national team enter – there will always be pressure. The fact that the potential England team has been leaked ahead of the Panama match is not only embarrassing but detrimental to Gareth Southgate’s men.

You look at the appointment of Sam Allardyce, it seemed a fair few of the ‘media’ were not happy with the appointment so they were going to look for any excuse to try to offer a damning enditment against the former West Ham manager.

Gary Neville voiced some strong opinions on the matter as per the Tweets. The former England defender has more right than anyone to give his opinion as he has worked both sides of the fence.

The fact that the official England Twitter account has ‘liked’ a few of Gary’s Tweets, show that in some ways they endorse his opinion.

The BBC programme which was aired recently ‘Managing England: The Impossible Job’ showed how disgraceful the media can be towards the national side. Managers such as Graham Taylor and Sir Bobby Robson were given harsh criticism.

The media should be behind England instead of trying to find ways of criticising the team and management.

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