Report #2 – 2018 World Cup in Russia

The Rest Of The World Catches Up!

As the games play out we gain a glimpse into the rest of the world. It’s all about the underdogs now as the rest of the world catches up!

In world cups gone by, the few elite teams at the cutting edge of the game have often had a strong handle on the cup, from group to knockout. Albeit world football has always had its shocks. Fast forward to 2018, Russian territory, and all the small teams don’t seem phased. They know they have nothing to lose and don’t cower to the big names, in the big leagues any longer. It’s a game of will, the indomitable will.

Top Underdogs

Mexico 1 – 0 Germany

We have Mexico on the back of a magnificent opening game vs the holders. Only 1-0 but did the Germans show up? Mexico sure as hell did. We won’t count Germany out just yet though. These results will give all the underdogs a burning desire to do the Mexican wave. Group F remainders Sweden and South Korea will be all hands on deck, with an inspired hope to progress to the knockout stages, (hopefully) leaving Germany to pack up and go home! Could it be? The 2014 defending World Cup Champions exit in group stages?

See a 3 minute video clip on the day of the Mexico Vs Germany match, the crowd goes wild at about 2:30 as the goal goes in, are Mexico tipped for greatness: MATCHDAY!

Iceland 0-0 Argentina

Before now you would have bet against this small northern island. However Iceland play with 12 men, the home support they have is second to none and every one of their sons want a piece of the action. Building on prior success with a strong and committed unit, playing to their own tune, and truly not afraid of any Messi. Icelandic master tacticians? At the very least they will be happy to share in the points for now.

Another underdog

Switzerland 1 – 1 Brazil

Switzerland managing to pull in a draw vs the ever favourite Brazil. Who expected Brazil not to beat the Swiss? As Switzerland go marching on, Brazil will be taking some immediate corrective action.

And while the rest of the world catches up, Mexico, Iceland and Switzerland are surely having a well deserved beer!

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